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Laptoptas LEWIE - Natuur

€ 189,00 € 145,00

Corky Lewie will make sure you feel important.

It commits to keep your laptop and it's essentials safe during a pour down or a storm. It swears guarantee to protect your necessities from all-weather calamity.

This natural hand bag is 100% made out of cork and even the finishing is made out of cork. No chemicals, no toxins. 

This bag is vegan certified and was hand made out of Portuguese Cork of the highest quality under fair trade conditions. 


40 x 32 x 7cm

The ecological marvel of cork

  • Vegan!! No animals suffering
  • Free from chemicals and toxins
  • Comes from a renewable source (no trees are cut or damaged)
  • 100 % naturalbiological and organic
  • Honest and Authentic: no Human exploitation
  • Read about cork and all the features of cork lifestyle products https://www.captaincork.be/en/cork-and-ecology/

Advantages cork

  • No chemicals and toxins used during its production. All the unique characteristics of cork are untouched.
  • Water repellent and moist resistant (doesn't deteriorate)
  • Resistant against tearing, friction, scratching, and stains
  • Honestfair-trade and European production process (handmade in Portugal)